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Ashburn Nonprofit To Stand Up To Cancer

By Erika Jacobson Thursday, September 4, 2008 11:59 AM EDT

[IMAGE] As the country's eyes turned to the fight against cancer this week, one Ashburn nonprofit found themselves in the center of the action.

The Brad Kaminsky Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rasing awareness and money for brain tumor research, was invited to take part in the Stand Up To Cancer event in Hollywood Friday, Sept. 5. The group was invited as representatives of the brain tumor community and is recognized on the Stand Up To Cancer Web site for both its advocacy and its research funding.

Founder Lisa Millar sent in an application to the organizers of Stand Up To Cancer when she realized there were no organizations representing brain tumors.

"I did not think I would get picked because we're small, but they accepted us," Millar said.

The Brad Kaminsky Foundation is one of two organizations representing brain tumor organizations at the event.

The foundation has donated over $271,000 to major brain tumor centers for research toward a cure since its founding, and is the founder of the Grey Ribbon Crusade unification movement to join the entire brain tumor community under one "umbrella" to present a more solid presence in the general community.

"We hope to raise $1 million, that's my goal. I would like to do that before we hit 10 years," Millar said.

Millar created the foundation after her brother lost his battle with a brain tumor. Each year the foundation holds several fundraising event, including the annual Heroes of Hope Golf Tournament at the Lansdowne Resort.

Millar remains committed to her work on brain cancer research because brain tumors continue to be the leading cause of solid tumor death in children and the second leading cause of cancer death in young men under the age of 39. In addition, 20 percent of all other cancers will metastasize to the brain.

Stand Up To Cancer is a telethon-style event where ABC, NBC and CBS will air one uninterrupted hour where movie and television stars will join broadcast journalists to raise funds and awareness of all cancers.

"Their whole thing is to unify all cancer and together to put an end to them," Millar said.

During the event Millar will be a members of the audience, but earlier at a luncheon she will have the opportunity to share what the Brad Kaminsky Foundation is and the fund-raising it does.

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