The Brad Kaminsky Foundation is Dedicated to Raising Awareness and Funds for
Childhood & Adult Brain Tumor and Cancer Research.

The Brad Kaminsky Foundation
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Cooking Up a Cure Cooking Up a Cure...For Brain Tumors

Cookbook will raise funds for cancer research

Cooking Up a Cure Cooking Up a Cure...For Brain Tumors was created and put together with great love from two people who want the same thing: A cure for brain tumors. Lisa Gibson, a GBM 4 survivor (one year January 12, 2002), feels this cookbook was her calling—what God wanted her to do for others—to give back, as so much was given to her. For Lisa Millar, it is a mission. She lost her younger brother, Brad, to a brain tumor at only 29. Brad was far too young to die. He was a loving father with two small children. Lisa is carrying on her brother's desperate desire for a cure, in loving memory of Brad, and for everyone suffering from a brain tumor. Gibson and Millar send thanks to the brain tumor community (family, friends, doctors, nurses, researchers) who graciously shared their special recipes and very special dedications to make over 300 recipes possible. One hundred percent of the proceeds for this cookbook go to brain tumor research





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